Welcome to Asterclient’s documentation!

Asterclient is in it’s usage very similar to asrun program. For a normal run you will need:

  • a Profile File.yml file which holds the basic data about the calculations (it is not needed for a very simple run where specify all relevant data on the commandfile, this isn’t supported up to now)
  • several code aster Commandfile‘s
  • maybe some Distributionfile if you want to run a parametric study


The motivation for writing asterclient came out of some frustration since the asrun is documented quiet poorly specially on the topic of parametric studies. I thought it should be much easier and straight forward to run a paramtric study and in general a simple calculation.


After succesful Installation you need at least the following to run a calculation [1]:

  • profile.yml
  • commandfile

For more details read the documentation of the Profile File file and and the Distributionfile file.

Asterclient currently has two commands available, info and run, where info can give you some information on your profile and run does the actual work, for more info just type asterclient info -h or asterclient run -h. The run command needs at least a profile specified, assumed you navigate into the examples examples/basic/ directory you just need to type:

asterclient run -p profile.yml

Basic Example

For a full basic example see the examples directory example


The installation is very easy, just download the Source and type:

python setup.py install


The sourcecode lives at github, feel free to fork mee as much as you like, feedback is appreciated.

Indices and tables

[1]it is further assumed that you have a working code aster installation on your box